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Mortuary Systems


Climatrol provides Mortuary Cooling Storage Systems which are designed to keep cadavers. We deliver reliable performance and hygienic solutions for dead body storage. Individual temp control is provided for each chamber of 2, 4, 6, & 8 bodies. Our systems are designed to prevent premature decomposition.


The instrument is designed to operate on 220V AC Supply

Sizes Available

  • Single body: 03 kVA
  • Two bodies: 04 kVA
  • Three bodies: 05 kVA
  • Four/Six bodies: 7.5 kVA

Optional Accessories

  • Pre fabricated panels for outer surface and stainless steel inner chamber with insulation in between.
  • Outer body made of Stainless Steel instead of Mild Steel
  • Telescopic tray system with three piece carriage assembly
  • Suitable Voltage Stabilizer

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