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Deep Freezers


Climatrol Eutectic Deep Freezers, the next generation deep freezer with ease of use, reliable, robust, & long-lasting. Thus the Eutectic Freezer ensures preservation of your materials or food successfully, even in areas where stored materials, leading to business losses & dissatisfied customers. Climatrol’s Eutectic Freezer is lined on all sides with special Eutectic materials which solidifies when the power is on and keeps the temperature in the chamber stable when the power is switched.

Climatrol manufactures Freezer on Wheel of 120/150 Liters volume. This product is designed for retail sales of ICE-Cream. Temperature maintained inside the chamber is -38°C to keep ice cream hard during the day when ambient temperature rises to 45°C. This FOW can be mounted on Tri-Cycle or Pushcart for easy mobility. This is a very robust designed for the harsh Indian environment and use. It is plugged at night for freezing the eutectic and then runs without power for about 8 to 10 h during the day maintaining the products temperatures.


  • Attains desired temperature at lesser time
  • Improved Aesthetics and better visibility
  • Ideally suited for Indian Climatic Condition
  • Temperature control
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Express freezing

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